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Discover the allure of Medellín's scenic valley, where lush mountains meet misty coffee fields. In 2022, hotel occupancy soared to 77%, promising a thriving tourism market. Secure your investment now for potential 15% annual returns. Don't miss out on this opportunity in the City of Eternal Spring!

Investing in Colombia - Wain Hotel

Because Medellin

Medellin was ranked as the third best city in the world in 2022, at the same time, it is the city of innovation with one of the best public transportation systems in the region, with a privileged climate, especially kind people and an outstanding urban evolution as culture and art are intertwined in every corner.

Land keeps increasing in value and areas of constant development, such as El Poblado, it’s very difficult for it to lose price in a surprising way. Investing in projects in early stages also reduces the investment risk in times of crisis.


Wain appears as an ambitious and lucrative investment project, ready for future minded investors to become part of possibly the best hotel in Medellin.

Invertir en Colombia - Wain Hotel
Inversión Hotelera - Wain Hotel
Inversión Hotelera - Wain Hotel

About Hotel Wain

ROOMS (950 m2)
32 rooms, which have different areas, have an avant-garde design and views of the city, you can live an experience at the highest level.


It’s a place designed so you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city, sharing a drink with your friends, in an exclusive, modern and stylish space.


It will be a place for those who wish to enjoy and live gastronomic experiences in one place.

Hotel Investment - Wain Hotel
Hotel Investment - Wain Hotel
Hotel Investment - Wain Hotel
Rooms and typologies
Hotel en Medellín - Wain Hotel
Hotel en Medellín - Wain Hotel
Investment of 100 million or 25,000 US

Start investing with as little as $25,000 / 100 million COP! Your path to financial growth begins now

The essence of our design


Our project has an avant garde architecture that carries as a badge to be iconic in its environment, with balconies that show its users the beautiful mountains of the city of Medellin, also with brunch and bar areas that can be environments of the highest interior quality; also nature invades our spaces as well as in the parks and streets of this beautiful city.

Hotel en Medellín - Wain Hotel
Hotel en Medellín - Wain Hotel


We are a place where from the lobby you can feel at home, with warm lighting, cozy spaces and very native materials that fill the place with tranquility.


Our terrace is one of the best locations in Astorga, because it overlooks the most beautiful sunset that you can see when the sun sets in the mountains of the beautiful Medellin, also with a wet area that allows the visual at 270 °and allows sharing in a wonderful space.

Hotel en Medellín - Wain Hotel

Financial information

Hotel en Medellín - Wain Hotel


Hotel en Medellín - Wain Hotel
Restaurante landing page.jpeg
  • The hotel occupancy rate is 77%.

  • Room rates start at $105 per night. • 83% of travelers coming to Medellín for tourism purposes.

  • During 2023, the number of visitors to the city surpassed 1,500,000.

  • There has been a 1.8% growth in the number of international tourists compared to the previous year.

Medellín, a city that has it all


Areas such as the Provenza, Poblado, and Laureles/Estadio neighborhoods are known for their vibrant gastronomic and nightlife offerings, thanks to the abundance of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs they offer.



Medellín offers memorable tourist experiences ranging from hiking and direct contact with nature to cultural enrichment through a variety of activities. 

Hotel en Medellín - Wain Hotel


Medellín's restaurants stand out for their culinary diversity, including the only Michelin starred establishment in Colombia.


With its vast biodiversity in fauna and flora, Colombia is an ideal destination for nature lovers, offering incomparable opportunities to explore and enjoy ecotourism.

Hotel en Medellín - Wain Hotel